What I Learned from the Rhetorical Analysis

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The rhetorical analysis paper differed from the objective summery in two main ways. The first of the two reasons is that the rhetorical analysis is based on an opinion of whether or not the author was able to argue their stance on an argument effectively, which unlike the objective summary that is completely bias. Second of all, the rhetorical analysis is an analysis which requires deviation from that source says, where as the objective summary is a summary and is meant to just restate what the source says.

The goal of the rhetorical analysis is to analyze  the effectiveness of the authors ability to argue their argument through the use of ethos, pathos, and logos.

The main thing that made this assignment hard was that I had to go very in depth into the paper to figure out how well the author used ethos, pathos , and logos, each of which posed its own problem of trying to determine what in the paper it was.

This assignment was easier to write because it only involved one source of material and there was no need to argue or analyze the content of the paper, just the authors ability.

Someone would probably see this style of writing in a review of something, probably a movie, book, or product.


What are Other Bloggers Talking About?

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Do you take time every day to appreciate the simple things in life? The blog 1000 Awesome Things shows just this. Counting down from 1000, this blog post a new entry every weekday talking about the simple things in everyday life that just make us happy. This blog talks about things as simple as when the hold music is actually good to things as complex as when you sneeze and fart at the same time so nobody notices the fart.This blog shows the reader that there are at least 1000 things in life that will make you happy, without you having to really do anything out of the ordinary.

I chose this blog because for however simple it is, it has the potential to make life awesome. It is important to see the simple things in life that just make us happy; these things all have the power to make a bad day a good one and to completely change your mood for the better.The most prominent thing that I notice about this blog that makes it work well is that the way it  is written grabs the readers attention by using scenarios that are easy for the reader to relate to. One thing that i would change about the blog is that some of the entries are just a title and a picture; It would be nice to see some more explanation on it.


Imagine fighting for your country, but having to hide who you love for fear that your entire life will be torn out from under you. The blog entry On Marines, equality and my date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, from the blog Work  in Progress, talks about the life of a gay Marine before and after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The author talks about his experiences as an advocate for the repeal of DADT and having to go under a false name to avoid being discharged.

I chose this blog because the topic interested me and I expected a heart worming blog; this blog turned out to be that and much more. This blog is interesting because it is the first time I have heard a story form a gay soldier after the repeal of DADT. The main thing about this blog that works well for this blog is that there is nothing flashy about it and it just tells a story. From this blog I would like to take the idea of my blog being a journal and talk about my own experiences.  There is nothing I would change about this blog because there is not much to it, it is simple and meant to express the joys and hardships of this change.

What I Learned About the Synthesis Paper

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The synthesis paper differs form the rhetorical analysis and the objective summary because this paper, unlike the other two, strives to make a stance and prove it through the use of multiple sources. Unlike the rhetorical analysis, this paper does not focus on the ability to argue a stance, but instead the actual argument that is made. This is similar to the difference between the synthesis and the objective summery, where the objective summary is completely biased unlike the synthesis which argues a point.

The goal of this type of paper is to compare and contrast the arguments of different sources to argue a central point.

The main thing that made this paper hard to write was the need to have the different sources have a conversation with each other.

The thing about this paper that made it easy was that it was an opinion based paper; this made it easy because you were able to put your own opinion and argument into the paper which made it more personal.

The main example of a synthesis type argument that you will see in everyday life if in product comparisons. These are most often used for new electronic products where one product is being compared to other similar products

Gay Blood Ban

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In a preliminary search for information on the topic of the gay blood ban I found a lot of interesting information. In looking at the Wikipedia page for this topic, I found out about all of the countries that currently restrict MSM individuals from donating blood. On this page I also found out that in the United States there has been several movements to revert this policy. On the blog Focus, I found information about the United Kingdom’s recent change in their MSM blood ban policy. I found out that they changed their ban to a 12 month ban from a lifetime ban. This article also points out that this change still excludes many men because there many monogamous gay and bisexual men who would like to donate but still cannot.  On the blog Got Controversy?, I learned that in the United States only about 8% of the population actually donates blood and that there are shortages around the country because blood drives have been canceled. This blog also gave a short history of the ban and and explained some of the effects the the on the U.S. blood system.

Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft Review

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The thing that helped the most with doing the peer review was that a lot of the overly wordy statements that I had made were pointed out. This really helps because it helps me to know what to avoid as I am writing the final draft of my essay. It also helped to point out that some of my errors with my quotes.

The only thing that I can say that wasn’t helpful was that the peer review didn’t provide feedback as to what direction I could  go in to make my paper a bit more coherent.

I believe that had I had more of my paper done and had I moved into my explanations for my argument a bit sooner into it this would have been more beneficial to me. The only thing that I can suggest to change in how peer review is done is to give more time to read the paper so that it isn’t quite so rushed to get all of the comments written down.

Make It Stop

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In the song “Make it Stop (September’s Children) by the band Rise Against, the growing problem of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) teen suicides is brought into perspective by showing the dramatized lives of three LGBT teens. Rise argues in their song that these teenagers are being driven to taking their own lives simply for being who they are and for who they choose to love. Rise Against also suggests that these are struggling to break free form living in the “closet” and that they only thing that they are expecting out of people is to be shown respect for who they are. Rise Against, at the end of the video, reminds the listener of the names of five young teens who in September of 2010 took their lives because they were bullied for being part of the LGBT community. The final thought that Rise Against leaves their listeners if that there is a sense of hope in life and that it is possible to overlook hardships and see a bright future.

This topic is important to me for one very important reason; I can relate to it because I know first hand how it feels to have people mock you because of who I have chosen to be with. There is no reason why we should see young people taking their lives because they get bullied for liking someone of the same sex. This song is one of the few pop culture references to this subject I have seen. This topic is also important to me because I remember hearing about these and other suicides last year and working with NIU’s PRISM to help pay tribute to these kids and those who have thought about suicide. This issue is becoming more and more important as we start to see more young people taking their lives because they are being bullied for being who they are.

My Thoughts on an Objective Summary

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As a whole I did not think that the objective summary was too difficult; it did however, pose a few writing challenges that were rather new to me. First of all the topic itself caused some problem because it is one that I have a strong opinion on and the article that I chose to write about had a very different view then my own. This made it even more important that I did not add my own ideas into the summary. The second problem was that this is a very new form of writing to me. This being so, it was much more difficult to write objectively and to understand everything that was necessary to explain in the summary. In everyday life i would probably use this when I am explaining something a book or an article to someone or if I want someone to understand something with out forcing my own opinion on them.