Make It Stop

In the song “Make it Stop (September’s Children) by the band Rise Against, the growing problem of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) teen suicides is brought into perspective by showing the dramatized lives of three LGBT teens. Rise argues in their song that these teenagers are being driven to taking their own lives simply for being who they are and for who they choose to love. Rise Against also suggests that these are struggling to break free form living in the “closet” and that they only thing that they are expecting out of people is to be shown respect for who they are. Rise Against, at the end of the video, reminds the listener of the names of five young teens who in September of 2010 took their lives because they were bullied for being part of the LGBT community. The final thought that Rise Against leaves their listeners if that there is a sense of hope in life and that it is possible to overlook hardships and see a bright future.

This topic is important to me for one very important reason; I can relate to it because I know first hand how it feels to have people mock you because of who I have chosen to be with. There is no reason why we should see young people taking their lives because they get bullied for liking someone of the same sex. This song is one of the few pop culture references to this subject I have seen. This topic is also important to me because I remember hearing about these and other suicides last year and working with NIU’s PRISM to help pay tribute to these kids and those who have thought about suicide. This issue is becoming more and more important as we start to see more young people taking their lives because they are being bullied for being who they are.


~ by jmwells17 on September 12, 2011.

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