Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft Review

The thing that helped the most with doing the peer review was that a lot of the overly wordy statements that I had made were pointed out. This really helps because it helps me to know what to avoid as I am writing the final draft of my essay. It also helped to point out that some of my errors with my quotes.

The only thing that I can say that wasn’t helpful was that the peer review didn’t provide feedback as to what direction I could  go in to make my paper a bit more coherent.

I believe that had I had more of my paper done and had I moved into my explanations for my argument a bit sooner into it this would have been more beneficial to me. The only thing that I can suggest to change in how peer review is done is to give more time to read the paper so that it isn’t quite so rushed to get all of the comments written down.


~ by jmwells17 on September 16, 2011.

One Response to “Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft Review”

  1. i also saw that too many words do not make the piece better. Even if the words are pretty and big, too many words can just make readers tired of reading your work.

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