What I Learned from the Rhetorical Analysis

The rhetorical analysis paper differed from the objective summery in two main ways. The first of the two reasons is that the rhetorical analysis is based on an opinion of whether or not the author was able to argue their stance on an argument effectively, which unlike the objective summary that is completely bias. Second of all, the rhetorical analysis is an analysis which requires deviation from that source says, where as the objective summary is a summary and is meant to just restate what the source says.

The goal of the rhetorical analysis is to analyze  the effectiveness of the authors ability to argue their argument through the use of ethos, pathos, and logos.

The main thing that made this assignment hard was that I had to go very in depth into the paper to figure out how well the author used ethos, pathos , and logos, each of which posed its own problem of trying to determine what in the paper it was.

This assignment was easier to write because it only involved one source of material and there was no need to argue or analyze the content of the paper, just the authors ability.

Someone would probably see this style of writing in a review of something, probably a movie, book, or product.


~ by jmwells17 on December 4, 2011.

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