Objective Summary

An objective summary is used to explain the general premise of a paper without going into full detail. This genre is unbiased, fact based, and easy to read; this being why it is a summary. This genre is most often used to summarize longer pieces of writing, movies, and anything that can be narrowed down to a general point for easy comprehension.

Rhetorical Analysis

A rhetorical analysis is used to evaluate how well an author was able to argue their stance on an argument. This type of writing is more focused on the writing style than the content of the paper and evaluates the ethos, pathos, and logos of a paper. This genre is often used for product reviews as well as a basis for arguments and debates.


A synthesis is used to prove an opinion through the use of multiple sources with different stances on the topic. The main goal of this type of paper is to create a dialogue between the sources and to use the sources to refute or prove the point of the other sources. this genre is often used in product comparisons where a company wants to visually show the differences and similarities between the products.


This type f writing is used to further improve arguing ability through the use of more data and sources, as well as be informative on the topic and, in our case, utilize APA paper formatting. This type of writing often has an abstract, a large amount of citation, and an annotated bibliography. This genre is often used in higher education for thesis papers and is important for effective arguing and writing ability.


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